10 Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion

Beautiful glowing skin gives one confidence to put the best foot forward. The latest trend for the glowing skin is with a tanned skin that is a little departure for the earlier trend of white skin.

The natural tanning through exposure to the sun has been in practice for ages. But to save from the side effects of direct exposure to the sun has led to the invention of Outdoor Tanning Lotion. Now, you can have fun and frolic on the beaches or near the swimming pool without worrying about the UVA or UVB rays hitting you from the sun.

Ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation is in the wavelength of 320-400 nm (nano-meter). These are not blocked by the atmosphere and are known to cause DNA damage and to be carcinogenic. Ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation is at a wavelength of 280-320 nm. Much of it is blocked by the atmosphere but sometimes it penetrates.

Tanning lotion also called self-tanners comes in handy here. It is a semi-liquid material (just like any other lotion) that is applied on the skin to enhance the production of a pigment called melanin in the body for faster getting the tanning of the skin. Without it, natural tanning (under the sun) is a slower process.

Tanning lotion are of two types – indoor tanning lotion and outdoor tanning lotion.

Applying the outdoor tanning lotion or tanning oil protects you from these harmful rays and also gives a glow to your skin by keeping it hydrated. This comes from the moisturizing ingredients that it is made of. A gorgeous tan makes you look healthy. Tanning lotions work by enhancing the production of melanin, a compound produced by cells of the skin and responsible for the tanning process.

The indoor tanning lotion works when you stay indoors and it takes longer for your skin to look tanned. On the other hand, the outdoor tanning lotion works faster due to exposure to the sun when you can run around and be engaged in your favorite outdoor activities.

The outdoor tanning lotion is available in multiple forms including lotion, gel, oil, mousses, accelerators , and bronzers.

Bronzers gives bronzing effect to the skin. Depending on the type of bronzer that you select (Cosmetic, Natural, or DHA), its effect lasts for 1-6days. It takes 4-6 hours to develop full color. The cosmetic bronzer can be washed off under the shower.

The ingredients of the sun tanning lotion include – melanin, L-tyrosine, tea oil, copper, green tea extracts, many other natural oils, and mineral oils to some extent. Please note that due to this mineral oil, the outdoor tanning lotion should not be used with a tanning bed that is made of acrylic as it may get damaged.

With this information in hand, let’s now look at 10 best outdoor tanning lotion available in the market. The sequence is from the lowest cost at the top to the highest cost at the bottom. This is an enabler to take fina

1Australian Gold Spray Gel Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer
2Panama Jack Sunscreen Tanning Lotion
3Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Tanning Dry Oil
4Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion
5Sun Day Fun Day Tanning Cocktail
6Sun Bum Tanning Oil
7Just Nutritive Body Serum Tanning Lotion
8Bella Black 100x Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion
9Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer
10Australian Gold Current Mood Outdoor Tanning Lotion

1. Australian Gold Spray Gel Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer

Australian Gold Spray Gel Tanning Lotion

The Australian Gold Spray Gel is an innovative hybrid of a continuous spray and a traditional lotion. Its instant bronzer gives temporary color with an instant glow to the skin. The gel provides protection against UVA & UVB rays from the sun thus protecting the damage to your skin like sunburn and aging. So, you can do your favorite activities under the sun without worrying about damage to the skin.

Its formula is rich in natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum and Tea Tree oil. Kakadu plum is rich in Vitamin-C that is known to promote collagen production while helping protect from free radicals. Tea Tree oil is a powerful anti-oxidant that contains natural odor-fighting properties to leave skin fresh.

This spray gel gives a good amount of hydration to skin because it consists of Sunflower seed oil, Olive Fruit Oil, and Cocoa butter. Its fragrance is amazing combined with Coconut, Orange, and Vanilla.

The Australian Gold Gel is free of Oxybenzone, PABA, Phthalate and Gluten. It is SPF 15 that means it provides 15 times higher protection against sun burn.

Caramel in the Instant bronzer provides immediate golden hue to skin and can be washed off immediately after use. Its application on the skin is super easy as it is available in the form of a pump.

  • Instant bronzer gives immediate tanning hue
  • SPF15 is quite large thereby giving protection against sunburn and skin aging
  • Is made of quite a good amount of natural ingredients

    2. Panama Jack Sunscreen Tanning Lotion

    Panama Jack Outdoor Tanning Lotion

    The Panama Jack Sunscreen Tanning Lotion helps you to achieve deep luxurious tan while also giving sun protection. It delicately combines antioxidants with moisturizing oil and a tropical fragrance. Its fragrance is Cucumber. It does not contain mineral oil.

    This lotion is SPF4 that means it gives 4 times more protection from sunburn. It gives 80-minute water resistance, if you want to be in water for longer period, consider reapplying the lotion for desired results. So, this lotion is best suited for those skin type that rarely or never burns. Apply 15-minutes before exposure to sun.

    It is available in 6oz pack easy grip bottle with flip cap for easy application on body.

    • Shelf-life of two years is quite reasonable
    • SPF4 is low that means you will have to reapply quite often when under the sun

    3. Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Tanning Dry Oil

    Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Tanning Dry Oil

    This Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen Tanning Dry Oil is made of Exotic Island Botanicals, a rare blend of nature’s rich oil. It is enriched with Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera and gives classic coconut fragrance. All this gives you beautiful radiant skin. The texture of this product is like a gel.

    It is SPF15 and gives protection against broad-spectrum UVA & UVB radiations from the sun. So, you can enjoy freely under the sun while your body gets that perfect tan complexion. It comprises of antioxidant that gives you feeling of freshness on use.

    The pack is in the form of a pump that makes it easy to apply on skin. Apply 15-minutes before exposure to the sun. Don’t spray directly on face, rather spray on hands to apply on face. It is brown tinted but sprays on pretty clear.

    It is not water-resistant, washes off in the water, so use it just for the purpose of tanning under the sun. It is not recommended to use in the tanning bed. How long you should expose yourself to the sun depends on the area where you live and the amount of base tan that you already have.

    4. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

    Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion

    Accelerator lotions are intensifying lotions that provide skincare and also accelerate the tanning process. It does not have bronzer, so if you don’t like the slight orange color that bronzers give, this product is well for you. It will do good to you if you are fair-skinned also.

    The Australian Gold Dark Tanning lotion is well suited for indoor as well as outdoor usage. This lotion does not contain sunscreen, so if you want to use it outside, combine it with a sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UVA & UVB radiation from the sun. These radiations cause sunburn, skin cancer, and enhances the aging of the skin.

    It is made of Tea Tree Oil that is a powerful antioxidant that rejuvenates skin cells and leaves you feeling fresh. This lotion is rich in Vitamin A and E that deeply moisturizes the skin. You will surely love its Cocoa Dream fragrance, combined with Coconut, Orange and Vanilla. Natural oils in the lotion supply important nutrients to nourish the skin for a lasting glow.

    It is not water-proof, it will wash off if you go in pool with it. So, reapply after coming out from water.

    • It is well suited for indoor as well as outdoor usage
    • Huge number of people are using it with very high 4.5 customer rating on Amazon.com
    • It does not have SPF. So, additional sunscreen lotion is required to be used.

    5. Sun Day Fun Day Tanning Cocktail

    Sun Day Fun Day Indoor/ Outdoor Cocktail

    The Sun Day Fun Day Tanning Cocktail as the name suggests is the perfect lotion to apply and have fun in the sun to get a beautiful tan on your skin. Due to its island botanicals, it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day and also gives the just right tan to your skin.

    It is composed of dark activator and is blended with multiple accelerators that work to produce melanin and achieve fast, dark tanning results.

    It has a good amount of Vitamin-E to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and it helps to slow down the aging process. Cocoa and shea butter, Coconut oil helps to moisturize and soften the skin. It is blended with rich natural oils as well as Sea Kelp and Pineapple extracts to give a friendly product for your skin.

    It does not have SPF, so apply a sunscreen lotion to prevent yourself from sunburn.

    6. Sun Bum Tanning Oil

    Sum Bum Tanning Oil

    It is manufactured and distributed by Sun Bum, USA. This company is know for making a few more great products.

    Sun Bum Tanning Oil works as an accelerator, so you get tanning effect quickly without having to lay in the sun for a long time. It is non-greasy, so doesn’t feel bad at all to apply on the face also. It is a clear oil.

    It is SPF15 meaning that this oil will prevent you from broad-spectrum UVA & UVB radiations from the sun, so you can have leisure activities outdoors. So, after the tanning session, your skin will look more tanned than reddish. It includes mineral oil, so not suitable for tanning beds.

    It gives water resistance for 80 minutes post which you must reapply. Your skin is moisturized for long hours by various oils of Aloe Vera, Green Tea Butter, Marula, Argan, Coconut and Avocado. All these gives your skin a silky and smooth feel. It does not give any problem to sensitive skin.

    • This company has a good reputation for a few good products.
    • Its pump does not very reliable.

    7. Just Nutritive Body Serum Tanning Lotion

    Just Nutritive Body Serun Tanning Lotion

    The Just Nutritive Body Serum is a silky smooth moisturizer that leaves your skin fresh, soft, and more youthful-looking. Because of its unique formulation, it absorbs fast and deep to give your skin an all day long elasticity and tone without being too heavy or greasy. It works well with all types of skin and must be applied 15 minutes before going out for tanning.

    Use all over your body to nourish and promote a healthy, naturally obtained sun-kissed tan. It does not clog pores of your skin, so don’t worry about getting acne. It does not have sunscreen, so make sure to use one along with this serum when you go out for tanning. It provides wonderful tanning to fair skin also.

    It is made of Rice Bran and Peach Kernel that are rich in vitamin and give long-lasting moisturization. Also, contains oil of hazelnut, walnut, apricot, avocado, kukui nut, geranium, lavender, and vitamin-E. It does not have artificial fragrance, refreshing scent of citrus and geranium rose oil. Does not contain Parabens and mineral oil.

    8. Bella Black 100x Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

    Bella BKACK 100x Bronzer Indoor/ Outdoor Tanning Lotion

    Bell Black 100x Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion comes to you from the house of Dolce Vita, USA. It is designed to give the best results indoors as well as outdoors.

    Due to the inclusion of DHA bronzer in the formulation, it starts to give results soon upon application and gradually increases the effect up to some time. Silicone emulsion in the product maintains tanning to a longer period so you get more results for the same effort. Banana extract repairs dry skin and makes it soft and smooth. It also has a Melanine booster for quicker, darker, longer-lasting results.

    This lotion does not have SPF, so you may use it along with a sunscreen lotion to protect from the harmful effects of sun’s rays. Its fragrance is Midnight Plum.

    Apply daily to maintain hydration and your bronzed golden tan. Best part is that it does not streak on applying. It is a highly rated product by customers.

    9. Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer

    Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer Outdoor Tanning Lotion

    The Sicilian 200X Black Bronzer tanning lotion will give you the luxurious dark tan you’re looking for while locking in moisture for silky smooth skin.

    It is designed to give tanning indoors as well as outdoors. It also makes a great self tanner.

    It has a high level of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) that immediately starts to give desired tanning and gradually increases the golden bronzed texture of the skin. This lotion also comprises of high Silicone that softens the skin and also extends the effect of tanning.

    It includes natural oils of walnut and macadamia for bronzed results and softer skin. It smells tropical with a hint of cocoa butter. The composition of the lotion is such that it does not have any after tan odor. The Sicilian tanning lotion is made of Co-Q10 (conenzyme Q10) that stimulates the production of collagen in the body for younger, healthier-looking skin.

    It comes out a bronze color and has a very smooth application. Well suited for fair skin as well.

    10. Australian Gold Current Mood Indoor Outdoor Tanning Lotion

    Australian Gold Current Mood Outdoor Tanning Lotion

    The 25th Dimension Exhilarating Dark Bronzer gives an instant, long-lasting, and darker result. Even after the tanning session is over, its color continues to develop for 24-72 hours. It works equally well for indoor as well as outdoor procedures.

    The Euphoric skincare blend made from Turquiose and Wild Indigo extract will protect and soothe your skin for a more youthful appearance. Safflower, Coconut, and Sunflower oil (rich in Vitamin A-C-D-E) work against fine lines and wrinkles. It does not have paraben that is known to cause cancer.

    It is well suited for all types of skin. With essential minerals and nutrients, it helps fight the signs of aging. Deluxe Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals strengthen and soften for touchable, sleek skin, with flawless finish leaves skin without shine.

    This lotion has Mysterious Musk Fragrance. It is specially formulated to combat ATO (after tan odor).

    It is a premium category product made for those who wants to live in style. It is available in two packs – 10 oz tube and 0.5 oz sachet.

    Key Ingredients of the Outdoor Tanning Lotion

    Every bottle displays a list of ingredients in the product. This is a legal requirement in most countries. The purpose of this display is a confirmation from manufacturers that the product is not made of any raw material that is banned by law. Also, it can be checked if the claim about the features of the product is matching with the ingredient list. The list of ingredients is displayed on the back panel of the bottle like below

    Now, we will see function of key ingredients of a tanning lotion,

    • L-tyrosine – It is an active ingredient in the form of an amino-acid and is used to enhance the tanning process. When in the presence of UV, L-tyrosine helps increase the production of melanin, providing for quicker, darker tanning of the skin. Alkyl Benzoate – is composed of benzoic acid and long-chain alcohols. It is a skin-conditioning agent, antimicrobial and emollient for use in baby care, bathing, shaving, suncare products.
    • Green Tea Leaf extract – it is a supplement derived from the Green Tea plant. It contains concentrated compounds of antioxidants, flavonoids, and vitamins of green tea.
    • Cetyl alcohol – it is used as a thickening agent, as an opacifier and as an emollient in cosmetics products. Its purpose in tanning lotion is to make the product thicker and to provide a moisturizing effect on the skin.
    • Dimethicone – it provides moisturizing properties to the lotion to soften the skin and decrease itching and flaking.
    • Disodium EDTA – in tanning lotion, it acts as a preservative. It binds the metal ions that help to prevent deterioration and protects the integrity of lotion from undergoing unwanted changes in consistency, pH, odor changes of texture changes.
    • DHA (dihydroxyacetone) – It is an active ingredient. It is a colorless liquid derived from glycerin that interacts with an amino acid in dead cells of the skin to produce a brown color change. It is mostly used in sunless tanning lotions.
    • Ubiquinone – it naturally occurs in the body. It is used in tanning lotion as an anti-aging ingredient that helps if the body is not producing enough antioxidants.


    There are numerous products in market to give tanning solutions. The outdoor tanning lotions let you gain the body tan while you play on the beach or lie around swimming pool. The product range includes the budget item as well as exclusive products to suit your pocket. Accordingly, the ingredients vary and so does the features. Most distinguishing feature is the presence or absence of SPF.

    In the article above, I have tried to introduce to you the best outdoor tanning lotions. You may use this guide and choose what suits you the best. Using the yellow button under each image, you can visit the e-commerce website where these products are available for you to purchase.

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