7 Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Shaving is considered by most of the people as a routine ritual to which they don’t pay much attention. However, people with sensitive skin are wary of this chore. They are anxious because after shaving, they tend to get skin irritation, razor burns, and bumps.

Here, we will address this issue by suggesting the best men’s electric shaver for sensitive skin. We will touch upon cause of such problem, tips for buying shavers and brands available in the market for this product,

Sensitive skin types may exhibit characteristics of oily skin, dry skin, or combination skin but they also deal with a great amount of redness and irritation. While many people have a skin reaction at some point or another to a product or an ingredient, those with persistent issues are classified as having sensitive skin. Following are the symptoms of sensitive skin

Redness is a common sign of sensitive skin. This may be hereditary or due to reaction to an ingredient. Watch out for an allergic ingredient and take due care.

Frequent rashes and bump may arise due to allergy to a new product. Try on a small patch and go for all-over only after success there.

Certain skin care products might give burning sensation because sensitive skin has thinner barrier. So, use mild products.

So, you must be careful with sensitivity of your skin and treat yourself accordingly. Consume products only that gels with your skin type. In this article we will deal with one such product, i.e. electric shaver for sensitive skin.

First, let us understand the factors to consider for buying shaver:

1. Type of Shaver – Foil or Rotary

Foil shavers have a shield (called foil) under the cutter blades that have oscillatory motion. This foil prevents contact of the blades with skin and also it holds hair taut while cutting. Rotary shavers have circular heads that cove the rotating cutters.

2. Dry or Wet Shaver

Dry Shavers may be preferred when you are on the move. Wet shavers can be used under the shower or with shaving cream. Hence, shavers with dual capability are most preferred/.

3. Motor speed

High speed of motor gives cleaner cut without giving feeling that whiskers are being pulled by the cutter blades. High speed means about 10,000 to 14,000 cycles per minute. Look for specifications on the pack or instruction manual of the product.

4. Cord or Cordless

Consider this feature purely on the basis of the duration of your usage of the shaver. For short use cordless is better because you will get time to recharge the equipment. For longer use corded equipment is preferred but then you will have to be closer to a power-point and handle the cord carefully.

5. Blade and Trimmers

The Electric Shavers are available with multiple options of blades and trimmers to suit your requirement of how close you want to cut your stubble. So, look at all the accessories while finalizing your product to purchase.

6. The Grip

Most important factor, the shaver should seat comfortably in your hand while using. This will give the desired result and will ensure the safety of you and the equipment,.

Next, our pick of Best Electric Shaver for Tough Beard and Sensitive Skin

1. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 7500 for Sensitive Skin  
2. Phisco Electric Shaver for Men 2 in 1 Bread Trimmer  
3. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5100  
4. Braun Electric Foil Type Shaver for Men 3040s  
5. Panasonic Arc4 Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin  
6. Remington Sensitive Electric Foil Shaver SF4880  
7. Lavieer Men’s Rotary Cordless Shaver with Trimmer  

1. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 7500 for Sensitive Skin

Philips Norelco 7500 Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Philps Norelco 7500 is a specially designed shaver for sensitive skin. Its head has Comfort Ring with an anti-friction coating. The rings contain thousands of powder-like beads, giving it a smooth surface to glide over the skin. This is very comfortable, especially for sensitive skin.

Dynamic flex heads effortlessly move in 5 directions to follow every curve of your face and neck for a more comfortable shave. This special feature helps it catch hair in difficult places also.

Gentle precision blade system protects your skin while cutting extremely close on long, short and flat-lying hairs.

Aqua Tech technology enables it to be used comfortably for a quick dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with gel or foam under shower.

SmartClick precision trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn trimming. Ergonomic grip and handling.

At the touch of a button, SmartClean systems cleans, lubricates, and charges your shaver, keeping it performing at its best every-time. The SmartClean system uses alcohol-free, skin-friendly formula. The system can be cleaned with SmartClean set also.

Deluxe case is there to keep your prized asset safe all the time. It has a built-in ventilator chamber to dry up the shaver if you have kept it wet while on the go.

The Philips Norelco 7500 ELectric Shaver has an intuitive LED display for ready availability of information to use it hassle-free. The display includes – battery status, cleaning indicator, low battery indicator, replacement head indicator, and travel lock indicator. It comprises of Lithium-Ion battery that operates 50-minutes after charging for 1-hour. The charging can be done through either the cleaning unit or independently. However, the shaver can not be used during charging.

The standard pack contains Philips Norelco Shaver 7500, SmartClean, Cleaning Cartridge, SmartClick Precision trimmer, Power Cord and Travel Case.

  • Glide technology enables smooth flow on the skin
  • Gentle precision blade system for super performance
  • SmartClean technology ensures hygienic cleaning and simultaneously charging
  • Intuitive LED display for easy management

    2. Phisco Electric Shaver for Men 2 in 1 Bread Trimmer

    Phisco Electic Shaver has a robust motor and works really fast, 2800RPM. This gives a very quick and clean shave. Noise is also pretty low as compared to other contemporary products. It does not give any problem to remove thick beard as well.

    The Electric Shaver consists of Lithium-Ion battery that lasts longer as compared to other batteries. The beauty of this shaver is that it charges quickly and lasts long – a 1-hour charge lasts for 2-hours of shaving. It is charged with a micro-USB cable with the help of a charger of a mobile phone or through the USB port of a laptop.

    The Electric Shaver consists of Lithium-Ion battery that lasts longer as compared to other batteries. The beauty of this shaver is that it charges quickly and lasts long – a 1-hour charge lasts for 2-hours of shaving. It is charged with a micro-USB cable with the help of a charger of a mobile phone or through the USB port of a laptop.

    With a double-track ultra-thin cutter net and self-sharpening blade, this rotary shaver has double wider coverage than a single track, delivers a more smooth, close, and sharp shave. The 3D floating heads are well designed to move in all directions along the contours of your face to give perfect shaving. Suitable for men of all ages who need shaving. If used daily, change the cutter blade every 6months.

    It has a pop-up trimmer that is good for your mustache, sideburns, beard shapes or any other facial hairstyle.

    The shaver has an LED panel that displays some very useful features – battery balance charge in percentage, Charge indicator, Cleaning indicator, safe lock indicator, and battery capacity.

    The whole body is IPX7 waterproof. It can be rinsed in 1-meter deep water for 30-minutes. It can be used dry for quick action or it can be used in condition along with gel or cream. After use, it can be washed directly under the faucet.

    • Servers for 2-hours after charging for 1-hour
    • Double track cutter gives quicker shaving
    • IPX7 waterproof
    • Good value for money. Performs almost as good as other premium shavers.
    • It does not come with a stand for charging. It has to be laid down.
    • Height of cutter blade can not be adjusted if you want to leave a little stubble and not clean them all.

    3. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5100

    Philips Norelco 5100 Electric Shaver for sensitive skin

    The Multiprecision balde system in this shaver has a unique feature that gives a shave that is close and fast. It raises and cuts all hairs long and short in just a few strokes. It works at single speed.

    Flex heads move independently in 5 directions to move hassle-free along all contours of face.

    Aquatec technology gives shave in wet condition under shower with your favorite gel or foam. Even in dry condition it works the best to give you a quick shave. To clean the heads, simply pop it out and rinse under faucet. The shaver is fully washable.

    The Philips Norelco ELectric Shaver 5100 has a SmartClick precision trimmer that will give you a perfect styling of mustache and sideburns.

    It comprises of Lithium-ion battery. 1-hour charging is good for 40-minutes of cordless usage of the shaver, that’s about 13-sessions of shaving. A charging of 5-minutes is good for one quick shaving. This shaver operates only in cordless mode.

    It has an intuitive LED display to indicate – 1-level battery indicator, cleaning indicator, battery low indicator, replacement head indicator, and travel lock indicator. There is a rubber like grip at the back that makes it extremely handy to use.

    The standard pack includes Philips Norelco 5100 shaver, SmartClick trimmer, power cord and protective cap.

    4. Braun Electric Foil Type Shaver for Men 3040s

    Braun Electric Foil Type Shaver 3040s

    Braun is an iconic German brand specialized in world-class precision shavers. It is globally recognized for its simple, intuitive design and outstanding product performance. Trusted by men everywhere.

    The Braun 3040s Shaver is a foil type shaver with three elements to give a comfortable smooth shave. The cutting elements are pressure sensitive and protected by a patented metal mesh (sensofoil) that protects your skin from the ultra-sharp blades.

    The shaver also has a precision trimmer for sideburns, mustache, and for trimming beard before shaving. The full shaving power of ProSkin is built in a thin precision head, making it easy to reach difficult areas like under the nose.

    It utilizes a Micro Comb technology that catches more hair from the first stroke for a faster shave.

    The set comprises of 2 rechargeable LiMH (Lithium Metal Halide) batteries. It operates cordless only. It charges in 1-hour to give 45-minutes of cordless service. The LED display notifies you when your shaver needs charging. The smart 100-240 voltage adjustment allows you to use it worldwide.

    Wet & Dry shaver for use with water, foam or gel. The ergonomic grip with iconic Braun dot pattern provides secure handling even in bathroom conditions

    Durable upto 5-meters under water. You can easily clean it under running water for easy and hygienically cleaning.

    5. Panasonic Arc4 Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

    Panasonic Arc4 Electric Shaver for sensitive skin

    Ultra-sharp men’s shaver blades: Panasonic arc4 men’s electric shaver; Four precision-honed 30degrees nanotech hypoallergenic blades and arc foil follow facial contours for a quick, close and comfortable shave.

    It can be used dry or wet with gel, foam or cream under shower or over the sink. It also has a pop up trimmer to groom your mustache and side burn. To clean it, simply rinse under running water, its sonic vibration mode removes all stubborn gel and stubble.

    Flexible pivoting head conforms naturally to the face, chin, neck, and jaws. Shaving sensor monitors differences in beard density to instantly adjust cutting power for smooth, even shaving. Its customer reviews indicate that it works well on the head also.

    Panasonic Arc4 linear shaver is equipped with a linear motor to deliver 13000 cuts per minute and it maintains real power upto the end of battery charge. A recharge of 1-hour is good for 45-minutes of shaving. For travel, it comes with a universal voltage adaptor, it works 100-240V/

    A high technology Blue illuminated LCD displays shave timer, battery indicator, cleaning reminder, sonic vibration cleaning mode, blade/ foil replacement reminder, and battery charge reminder.

    6. Remington Sensitive Electric Foil Shaver SF4880

    Remington SF4880 Electric Shaver for Sensitive SKin

    Remington is another renowned brand in the market of electric shaver. This model SF4880 is made from ComfortHybrid Technology: its head is engineered to cut on or above the surface of skin to prevent irritation and prevent ingrown hairs. It has two rows of cutting blades and a row of aloe strip between them.

    The trimmer head has a moisturising strip that is infused with Aloe to soothe skin during shaving.

    There is a comb that sits just outside the foils to lift low-lying hairs and guide them to trimmer blades helping to reduce multiple passes over the same spot. The trimmer is pop type. Body of the shaver is like plastic. Very comfortable to hold. Very low noise as compared to other shavers in this category.

    This shaver is versatile to work efficiently in dry and wet condition with gel, foam, cream. It is designed to be cleaned under running water from faucet to remove foam, and stubble.

    It comprises of Lithium-ion batteries, Charging time is 1.5-hours to give cordless service for 45-minutes. Can be used even when under charging,.

    • It is the best for sensitive skin as it does not shave close on the skin, just leaves a shadow
    • An aloe strip between blades is very soothing.

      7. Lavieer Men’s Rotary Cordless Shaver with Trimmer

      Lavieer Electric Shaver for sensitive skin

      It has an ultra-quiet, high-speed motor, double-track, ultra-thin spherical cutter net, and self-sharpening steel blade to automatically follow every contour of your face and neck for nice shaving. IIt works great with a thick beard also. This shaver has a pop-up trimmer to trim sideburns, mustache and any facial hairstyle.

      Lavieer shaver is made with 1000mAh Lithium-ion battery. Its charging is super, with one hour of charging it serves for 100-minutes that is good for about 3-months. It is good to use with or without cord. The standard pack contains a USB cable and a wall adaptor. It can be used worldwide with a 100-240V adaptor. It has a safety travel lock.

      Works well in dry and wet use. Good to wash under running water, IPX7 waterproof wole body washable.

      On the LCD screen you can intuitively see operating time, the available battery, the charging process, cleaning reminder and the full charge reminder.

      • One hour of charging lasts for 3-4months. That’s the best.
      • Storage case is not there, it comes with a bag.


      The market is flooded with Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin. There are big names placed alongside the unknown brands on e-commerce websites. User is bound to get confused with what to pick. So, we have tried here to share with you our pick of best shavers to suit you. Our team has studied the specifications and reviews of all the products and then finalised the bets 7 for you. You must have gone through it carefully and it is time to decide what to buy. So, you may go back above and click on the link of your choice to directly reach the e-commerce website and buy your product.

      Last but not the least, please share your comments how you liked the article. Shortly, we will bring to you another article on another important topic.

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