10 Best Electric Razor for Women

Women are very much fond of keeping their skin free of unwanted hair. With this they want to look well groomed all the time.

There are multiple ways to do it. The most technologically advanced is the use of electric razors which are also called shavers. The other methods are the Waxing and the use of Epilators. But these methods are painful. So, a big share of girls and ladies today rely on razors to keep their skin smooth and free of hair. In this article, I am going to show you what are the 10best electric razor for women available in the market.

Electric Razor for Women is available in many brands and they have different features. Hence, it is worthy to be aware of these features because it may help you to pick the right product. This will go a long way in keeping you happy with the choice that you have made.

So, before I introduce to you my pick of 10 Best Electric Razors for Women, let’s talk about its features

Rotary type or Foil type Razors

Electric Razors for Women

Rotary type razors are of multiple types – with two, three, or four heads. Models with three heads are more popular. Each head has a rotary blade that cuts the hair caught against the stationary guard of the razor. Rotary type razors are used by moving it in a circular motion on the skin. It can be used comfortably in contour parts like armpits. Long, the thick and wild hair are treated best with this razor. It operates slower and is quieter as compared to the other type of electric razor (called Foil type razor). 

Foil type razors have a flat head with mesh on top (called foil) that holds the hair strands and there are blades underneath to cut it. These blades move in an oscillatory fashion. The razor is moved in the vertical and horizontal direction to use. Due to foil, there are no chance of a cut to skin because skin does not come in contact with blades. Also, this razor gives a closer shave because the foil holds the skin taut and catches hair to its root. 

As compared to Rotary Razor, it is more suitable for sensitive skin. For those people who need daily cleaning, this razor is more suitable because it works faster due to the arrangement of foil and blades that give perfect results in the first shave. Foil razors work best on flat parts like arms and legs.

Use with or without Water

There are different Electric Razor for Women available for use with and without water that is basically called wet and dry usage. Be careful while selecting your product. Dry types can not be run under water to clean the blades. They are best cleaned with brush or parts are dismantled and cleaned with water. However, wet types can be used under the shower or in the tub with your choice of gel, cream, or soap for smooth shaving.

With or Without Cable

If there is no arrangement of electricity socket where you want to use the razor, then go for a cordless system. But it has few drawbacks like you will have to put it for charging after every few usages. Also, as the battery discharges there maybe drop in its performance. Hence, as far as possible it is best suited to go for corded Electric Razor for Women. Secondly, if you have to carry it for travel, the cordless version is more suitable. So, while selecting your product, do consider all pros and cons.

Body Design

Electric Razor for Women has body design most suitable to the profile of their hand. The contour of body and grip is designed keeping in mind the hand profile of women. It is definitely different from those of men. It is kept in mind that it will be used for curved as well as flat body parts and hence it should be comfortable and safe to use everywhere.


While selecting your product, look at its accessories. It may include a few types of blade to serve specific purposes for different parts of the body. Other accessories include a brush to clean your equipment after use. Also, a bag is provided to store everything safely after use. In many products, a plastic guide is provided to attach over the head which helps during shaving. Few products may have a headcover to be put when the razor is not in use. There may be charging cable and charging stand.

10 best Electric Razor for Women

1. Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver BRL 140/50
2. Brori Electric Razor for Women
3. ISTON Electric Razor for Women
4. Panasonic Epilator and Shaver ES-ED90-P
5. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover
6. Aenmil Portable Women’s Shaver
7. Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Dual Foil Shaver
8. Remington WDF4812US Electric Shaver for Women
9. Remington WDF5030A 4blades Electric Razor for Women
10. Panasonic All in One Advanced Electric Shaver for Women

1. Philips SatinShave Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver BRL 140/50

Electric Razor for Women Philipts BRL 140/50

Philips SatinShaver is a floating foil type electric razor for women, the floating foil guides over curves for smooth shaving. The foil is made of hypo-allergenic steel best suited for the shaving of sensitive skin. 

It is a cordless type with lithium-ion batteries. An 8-hour full recharge of the battery will give comfortable shaving of 1 hour. It has an indicator for the balance charge of the battery and has 2-speed settings.

It comes with an anti-slip grip. Its S-shaped handle allows for a better reach all over your body. It is suited to wet and dry use, can be used in the tub or under the shower, with or without gel or cream. After use, it can be cleaned dry with a brush and can be cleaned under running water.

It includes three accessories – bikini trimmer head and comb, efficiency cap and travel cap. Pouch is also provided for safe storage.

2. Brori Electric Razor for Women

Brori Shaver is one of the top-rated Electric Razor for Women. It comes in two colors – blue and green. It has a very sleek design with a beautiful stand to suit the set-up of your bathroom. It adopts advanced 3D hypo-allergenic floating foil type stainless steel blades. It doesn’t cause irritation on sensitive skin. It has a 3-in-1 shaving head.

It has an inbuilt LED light for blind spot illumination. It is a cordless type to support 1-hour shaving, fitted with a lithium-ion battery, has USB charging point, and supports 2 way charging – via charging stand or directly connecting to charging source. LED indicator is there for battery status.

It has 3 high-performance high-speed razor sharp blades to trim and shave unwanted hair on arms, legs, armpits and bikini lines.

It is well suited for wet and dry use. IPX7 100% whole body washable. It comes with a long brush and its heads are detachable for easy cleaning. It comes with a gorgeous carry bag to store when the product is not in use.

3. ISTON Electric Razor for Women

This razor is an amazing product for use on face, legs, underarms, and bikini lines. It has 3 high-speed super-thin stainless steel blades that doesn’t leave any residue after use. The curved and straight blades are for longer hair and the  3D floating foil is for short and fine hair. The ISTON electric razor for women is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel blades suited to sensitive skin. It gives painless shaving without any irritation after use. Avoid sliding back and forth while using.

The pack also includes a 3-piece eyebrow tweezer scissor and a protective head cover.

It has a smart LED power display to indicate in percentage the balance charge of the battery. It has a built-in 600mAh lithium-ion battery. It charges fast in 2hours to give 70minutes of shaving. 

Well suited for wet and dry use and cleaning. 100% waterproof and full-body washable. It has a unique travel lock arrangement. 5seconds long press for lock and 3seconds long press for unlocking. This prevents accidental starting up during travel.

4. Panasonic Epilator and Shaver ES-ED90-P

Panasonic Electric Razor for Women

This product is our best recommendation because it provides a lot of functionality – includes epilator, shaver, and pedicure. There are separate attachments for each application. It enhances personal convenience to the next level. 

The shaver includes head with hypoallergenic blades and foil for easy removal of hair from sensitive skin. It also includes pop-up trimmer to capture the long and stray hairs to trim, shape and maintain the bikini area. 

The dual disc epilation head remover conforms to your body contours, ideal for legs and arms.

The pedicure attachments will remove the dry, rough skin and beautify your foot.

The Panasonic Epilator and Shaver ES-ED90-P works equally well in wet and dry conditions. It can be used under the shower and in the tub with your favorite gel, soap, or any other cream. After usage clean it properly under running water. It works equally well in a dry condition as per your convenience.

Charging time is 1hr and is good for usage time of 30min. It has a built-in LED light for illuminating lighter, thinner, hard to see hair for easier, quicker shaving and epilation. The pack includes a pouch to safely carry the products when not in use.

To help maintain the level of performance and satisfaction that you demand from your Panasonic Epilator and Shaver ES-ED90-P, replace the inner blade and outer foil every 2-3 years with genuine and easy to install accessories from Panasonic.

  • Includes Epliator as well as Shaving
  • It has accessories for Pedicure also
  • Has a pop-up trimmer also
  • Fast charging 1-hour
  • Built-in LED light for illumintaion

    5. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover

    Finishing Touch Electric Razor for Women

    This razor is made by a company called Finishing Touch. There are few duplicate products of this type, so buy from an only reliable source like this website or any other reliable source. It is an instant and painless hair remover. 

    The Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover has 4 rotary heads that are 18K gold plated. Owing to the four heads, its speed of shaving is high. 

    The blades are made of hypoallergenic steel and do not cause irritation to the skin on usage. Palm’s perfect design is great for the face, legs, ankle, and knees. It is not designed for use under your arms. 

    It has built-in LED lights for illumination to see clearly that all little hairs are cleaned. 

    It has a lithium-ion battery for use as cordless portable equipment. A fully charged battery will serve for 1hour. There is an indicator light to show the status of charge of the battery. 

    The razor heads may have to be replaced every 5-6 months depending on usage. For cleaning the heads after use, simply remove it from position and clean with the help of brush that is provided with this equipment. It is to be used as dry only (no wet application).

    • 4 rotary heads for closer and smooth shaving
    • Shaving is completed faster due to 4 heads
    • Long battery back up – 1hour
    • Not designed for wet application
    • Not suitable for use in armpits

    6. Aenmil Portable Women’s Shaver

    Aenmil Electric Razor for Women

    Aenmil Shaver is Foil type Electric Razor for Women. It has roller type grinding arrangement under foil.  It is suited for shaving of eyebrows also. 

    It is well suited for dry as well as wet applications. Wet application good in the shower and in the tub with your favorite gel, cream, or soap. For cleaning of heads, remove it and clean with a brush and rinse underwater. It is an IPx4 waterproof designed. 

    The blades are nickel-free and are made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel that is best to prevent irritation to sensitive skin. It features the sharpest blades available for ladies’ shaver for ultra-close shaving. 

    Designed for pedicure also. 300 degree wide angle to gently and effectively remove hard and jagged skin on the heels.

    The pack comes with a spare grinding head, a cleaning brush and a transparent bag for storage and travel.

    It uses 2xAA batteries. The razor does not have arrangement for charging of its batteries.

    • The roller grinding arrangement is good for eyebrows
    • IPx4 Waterproof designed
    • Has features for pedicure also
    • Battery is not rechargeable

    7. Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Dual Foil Shaver

    Conair Electric Razor for Women

    Your Conair Satiny Smooth Dual Foil Shaver for Women is recommended to use at legs, underarms, and bikini lines. Users have applied it on the face and found amazing results.

    It comprises of twin independent floating cutters, dual hypo-allergenic steel blades that reduces irritation. One cutter is full width integrated trimmer that quickly and safely shaves longer hair for a close shave. The other is a pop-up trimmer to provide the ultimate in precise and close shaving for your bikini lines and most sensitive areas.

    It is designed to give you an amazing experience for both dry and wet applications. Dry use is good while on the go and other quick use. Also, you may use wet with gel, cream, or soap while in the shower or in the tub.

    This Conair Satiny Smooth Shaver is conveniently rechargeable. It comes with a charging stand and LED indicator so you always know when it is charging.  Being cordless it is super comfortable to use. 

    It is available in purple and white colour that looks quite elegant in your bathroom shelf. 

    After use, you can easily clean it with brush that is provided in the pack. The blades can be snapped out and be rinsed to keep it ready for next use.

    • Pop-up trimmer for closer trimming in bikini areas
    • Comes with a charging stand

      8. Remington WDF4812US Electric Shaver for Women

      Remingtion WD4821US Electric Shaver for Women

      Remington Electric Razor for Women give excellent performance to leave your skin smooth and silky. It does excellent job on face also.

      This shaver has 3 floating blades that get closer to the skin to allow more effective trimming in one pass. The flexible hypo-allergenic steel blades prevent irritation in sensitive areas.  The rounded comfort tips glide smoothly over the skin. 

      The cordless equipment is comfortable to handle. It is rechargeable and supports 30minutes on a full charge. Recharge the razor by directly plugging into the power socket with the help of the charging cord that comes in the pack.

      Its dry and wet feature makes it ideal for use in and out of shower.

      Buy the replacement parts only from genuine source to continue your wonderful experience with this product.

      • 3 floating blade for closer shave
      • Does not have a charging stand. Only charging cable is there.

      9. Remington WDF5030A 4blades Electric Razor for Women

      Remington WDF5030A Electric Razor for Women

      Remington 4blade Electric Razor for Women is our best recommended product because it has many unique features.

      It is made of 4 floating blades to give you an ever smooth shave. The hypo-allergenic foil and trimmers move smoothly across the skin and leave no hair behind. After use, clean it with brush and underwater.

      The head has an optimum angle due to which foils stays in flush contact with skin to give close and comfortable shave.

      The flex dual trimmer prepares longer hairs to be cut by the foils. This is a special blade.  The unique design of lift logic foil allows for even shaving of all hair lengths by angling hairs towards the blades.

      This product has introduced a Smooth Glide Technology: The new open blade cutting system allows for hair and shaving gel to pass through the foils and reach the blades, resulting in a smooth, silky shave.

      Another unique feature of this product is that it comes with Almond Oil Strip that nourishes and keep skin soft as almond oil transfers to the skin at every pass.

      One full recharge takes 24-hours and gives service for 30-minutes. Charging stand is included in the standard pack.

      The standard package also includes a bag for storage of all items, head guard and bikini comb to serve you perfectly. The comments of customer reviews are awesome, so grab your product today.

      • Comprises of 4 floating blades
      • Head angle is optimum for easy shaving
      • The glide technology allows gel to pass thru foil for smooth shaving
      • Almond oil strip nourishes strip at every pass
      • Charging duration of 24hrs is high

      10. Panasonic All in One Advanced Electric Shaver for Women

      Panasonic All in One Advanced Electric Shaver for Women

      Its model no. is ES2216PC.

      Panasonic All in One Advanced Shaver for Women is good for legs, arms and bikini areas.

      The high quality hypo-allergenic stainless steel that makes up both blades and foil in this women’s shaver not only ensures close shave but is also super comfortable for sensitive skin to eliminate irritation while shaving and trimming. It is designed with 4 independently floating ultra-sharp blades and with dual ultra-thin foil for optimum closeness and comfort.

      It works equally well in a dry and wet environment. It can be used dry wherever and whenever convenient. It can be used wet in a bath with lather for a refreshing and regenerating experience, it is ok if fully immersed also in water.

      After use, clean it with brush and hold under water to wash off all hair and gel or soap residue. Then leave it to air dry and be ready for next use.

      It has Ni-MH (Nickel-metal hydride) battery that charges in 1 hour to give 20 minutes of cordless electric shaving. However, a quick 5-minute charge is good for 1 shaving.

      • 4 independently floating blades that gives closer shave
      • Is also ok if fully immersed in water
      • Fast charging – 1-hour for full
      • Quick charge – 5-minute for one shaving


        Electric Razor for Women is a must-have in the vanity for all aspiring ladies who want to look and feel good to make an impression. It is easy to carry on travel. It can be used dry with ease and can also be used in wet conditions for the ultimate experience.

        It is not expensive as compared to the manual disposable razors because of multiple schedules that it can serve you. Also, your normal moisturizing and exfoliating routines will be easier.

        Ok, we have introduced you to some of the best products available in the market. I am sure this guide will help you to make a good choice. So, select any product of your choice from the list above and grab your piece today.

        At the end, the author and publisher of this article would like to have your comments to motivate us to continue serving you by bringing out such informative articles.

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