10 Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands

Each individual has its own type of skin and the related pros and cons. Those who have dry skin, often face the problem of rough, chapped and itchy skin through-out the year. In the winter season their situation worsens to such an extent that the skin cracks and in extreme cases, it bleeds. However, for people with normal and oily skin, they face minor problem only in winter season. In all these cases Hand Cream comes in handy. Its regular use gives relief from all these problems.

Hand Cream has aesthetics as well as functional importance. The skin glows, looks smooth and increases your confidence to carry in a group. The cream maintains moisture of the skin and prevents it from cracking. This allows the user to focus on his other more important work than worry about dry and chaffed hands. A well maintained hands has lot of hygienic preference.


Smooth Hand

The formulation of hand cream makes all the difference from dry hand to a smooth hand. A fine layer of cream prevents the loss of moisture from skin. Glycerine is one of the most important ingredient of hand cream. It hydrates the body constantly and doesn’t allow it to dry quickly.

Apply the cream when you have washed your with soap or soon after you have taken bath because alkaline soap dries the skin and a good cream or lotion is your best bet at that moment. As a good habit, apply the cream before going to bed so that an overnight moisturization will give an awesome effect on your skin.

Here, we have brought for you 10 best hand cream for dry hands. These are recommended after going through the ingredients of various creams and on the basis reviews of its consumers. Sequence of the creams is the reducing order of its price on amazon.com.

1. Thena Healing Cream

Thena Natural Wellness Healing Cream is an amazing cream for hands. It works equally well for feet, elbow, cuticles and legs. Also, you can apply it on face to take care of specific problems like redness, itchy or flaky skin.  It acts fast and gives you a long lasting moisturisation to dry itchy skin, diaper rashes, bug bite and sunburn. The cream absorbs quickly into skin to not give greasy feeling.

This cream is a proprietary product made mainly from plant based ingredients. Most of the constituents of this cream are natural and organic. It is made of fatty acid and natural oils that nourishes skin. These ingredients  penetrate into the skin to repair and protect it. It is Paraben free and cruelty free product.

Its fragrance Lemon like, very mild that is comfortable for people with sensitive skin. Reviews of consumers the Thena Hand Cream is good, cures eczema and treats chapped hands. It has shown amazing results on pregnancy stretch marks as well as some weird rashes on arm.

2. Neutrogena Hand Cream

Neutrogena is a Norwegian formula that works to hydrate and moisturize hands, delivering effective relief for dry and rough skin. It is so concentrated that only a small amount of application on dry skin leaves it soft and smooth. 

It does not have fragrance. It is non-comedogenic, i.e. it does not block pores of your skin so that the cells of skin can breathe easily and remain healthy.

During regular work, when you wash your hands with soap, it leaves your skin dry because surfactants in the soap extracts lipid from the skin thus damaging the natural moisture barrier. So, you should apply the Neutrogena Hand Cream after washing your hand to replenish the moisture in skin and make it soft again.

This cream is recommended by dermatologist because it is specially formulated to give your skin instant and long lasting moisturization. Apply it overnight to get relief from rough skin even under harsh conditions.

It is made from 40% Glycerine that hydrates your skin and prevents loss of moisture from skin thereby leaving your skin smooth and soft. 

Neutrogena cream is so rich that its 2 ounce tube will last for about 200 applications.

3. O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream

O'Keeffe's Hand Cream Jar
O'Keeffe's Hands Cream Tube

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is very well suited for extremely dry and cracked hands in addition to normal dry skins. The formulation of this product is specially designed for skin of hand that is soft unlike the skin of feet that is thick and hard. However, if you use it to treat minor problem in feet, it does help.

As soon as this cream is applied, it forms a protective layer to provide moisture as well as to prevent the loss of moisture from skin. It immediately boosts moisture on applying.

For best results, you should apply the hand cream soon after washing hands, taking bath and at bedtime so that skin gets lot of time to hydrate skin and produce good results. It is not scented, so you can apply it anywhere without worrying about surrounding atmosphere.

Its well selected ingredients are perfectly safe for people with diabetes also. On damaged skin, there is a mild stinging which goes away as condition of the skin improves. It does not contain any ingredient obtained from animal by-products like lanolin etc and it is not tested on animals. 

It comes in jar as well as tube. 

If consumer is not satisfied, the company provides full refund guarantee.


4. CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream

CeraVe therapeutic cream is developed with Dermatologists, it helps protect and restore the skin barrier from harmful irritants. It is specially formulated with essential Ceramides for this purpose.

It does not feel greasy on skin, it absorbs quickly to give soothing effect. It gives temporary protection from chafed, chapped and cracked skin. It acts gently on skin, retains moisture of skin and is not scented that helps you when you don’t want to leave any fragrance behind you.

It is made with MultiVesicular Emulsion Technology that ensures that the moisturizing ingredients are released slowly into skin to give 24 hours hydration.

It is formulated with Hyaluronic acid that helps retain natural moisture of skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps in healing of wounds. 

It also contains Niacinamide that reduces inflammation that help ease redness from eczema and acne. The pack displays a seal from NEA, National Eczema Association.

The other variants of this product is Moisturizing Cream and Moisturizing Lotion.


5. Aveeno Active Naturals Hand Cream

Aveeno brand is most trusted for its use of natural ingredients. Oatmeal is one its important constituents. Oat is most recommended by dermatologist. Oatmeal can help restore normal pH and aid in the maintenance of skin’s moisture barrier to help prevent and protect dry skin.

Aveeno Active Naturals Intense Relief hand cream is a non-greasy cream and it lasts for 24 hours to moisturize the skin. It is formulated with oatmeal and emollients to provide intense relief of dry skin and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth.

 It is recommended by dermatologist. It is free of steroid and fragrance, so well suited for sensitive skin. 

Aveeno hand cream forms a protective barrier against elements that may harm your skin and helps heal dry skin. This moisturizing cream lasts through hand washing. 

6. Burt's Bees Hand Cream

Burt’s Bees Hand Cream gives the break that your hand deserves from the dry and chapped skin. This is rich and naturally moisturizing cream that revitalizes the extra tough and dry skin. It absorbs quickly to give you instant and all day long feel of softer skin. Does not feel sticky at all.

It consists of a natural fruit acid complex that not only moisturizes but also gently exfoliates the dry skin.

Burt’s Bees is a 98.9% natural hydrating cream that is infused with natural oils like Baobab oil, Watermelon Seed oil, Pumpkin oil and Green Tea extract. This cream does not have harsh chemicals like phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, and SLS. It is not tested on animals.

It is tested by dermatologist, is hypoallergenic and does not contain added fragrance. So it can easily be applied and be comfortably used in any atmosphere.

It is designed for unisex and is a highly rated hand cream on Amazon.com. It is manufactured in North Carolina, USA.

7. Yesto Coconut Hand & Cuticle Cream

Yesto Hand Cream is made of Coconut Oil and Shea butter that gives you a non-greasy, yet super moisturised hand and cuticles. 

It is formulated with virgin coconut oil which is rich in Vitamin A, C, E and provides nutrients that keeps hands protected. This creams acts fast on dry, rough and chapped skin to restore its softness and glow.

To get that soft hands, apply it twice a day. Yesto Cream won Allure 2016 Best of Beauty Award.

It is made 97% from natural raw materials, it is free of SLS and Paraben. It smells wonderful with coconut and vanilla.

If you use it at bedtime it will not stain your bed because it absorbs super fast.

It is Leaping Bunny Certified that means it is cruelty-free.

8. Palmer's Coconut Oil Hand Cream

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream envelopes hand like a gloves of protective barrier that locks in moisture and softens skin texture. It gives 24 hours protection.

It is made of natural oils – Virgin Coconut Oil to deeply moisturise and soften hands, Tahitian Monoi oil to rehydrate cracked cuticles and skin, Sweet almond oil to smoothen the rough texture.

To manufacture this cream, only the high quality and plant based ingredients are used. This produces luxuriously rich moisture for beautiful looking skin.

Due to high concentration of natural ingredients, the color and consistency of this cream may vary between lots. But performance of the cream is guaranteed to satisfy you every time.

9. Miracle Hand Repair Cream

This powerful healing cream repairs, moisturizes, protects, rejuvenates, restores the dry, red, rough, cracking, flaking and damaged hands.

Aloe is a major ingredient of this cream that along with other natural items leaves your skin soft and smooth. 60% Aloe Vera Gel is used for this. It feels non-greasy and absorbs quickly without giving any scent. 

It is combined with special moisturizers to effectively penetrate through layers of dry, hardened skin, this highly effective cream helps speed up cell renewal and repairs dry, cracked and flaky hands.

For severely damaged hand, use it twice a day for 3-4days. Later on use once a day to maintain your soft hands.

This cream has received many awesome reviews from men and women.

10. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Aquaphor Healing Ointment is the one solution for many skincare needs, i.e. hands, heel and elbow. It is uniquely formulated to restore smooth, healthy skin. This multipurpose ointment protects and soothes extremely dry skin, chapped lips, cracked hands and feet, friction and minor sunburn and any other skin irritation.

If your work requires you to frequently wash hands or use sanitizer, your hands may get dry and rough because surfactants of soap removes moisture of hand. So, use this hand cream after the washes to give back the moisture to keep your skin soft and smooth.

The Aquaphor Hand Ointment is recommended by dermatologists and is clinically proven to restore smooth, and healthy skin. It is free from harmful chemicals like preservatives and does not have added fragrance to help you apply it and get on to work.

It can be used on tattoos as well. It heals new ink quite fast.

This 14oz jar is the true family pack to prevent you from the hassle of worrying about replenishing the stocks.

Ingredients of Hand Cream

Some of the common ingredients of Hand Cream are…

  • Allantoin - It softens the hard substance (mainly keratin) that holds the top layer of skin cells.
  • Cetyl Alcohol - It is derived from coconut and palm oils. Its a fatty alcohol and not the alcohol like ethyl alcohol. It is widely used as softener, thickener and emulsifier in skin creams, lotions, shampoo etc.
  • Glycerine - It is a humectant, that means its purpose is to provide and retain moisture of the product in which it is used
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil - it is used as a thickening agent (i.e. to thicken the product) and also for its occlusive benefits (i.e. prevent loss of moisture from skin)
  • Isopropyl Myristate - it is a polar emollient used in skincreams where good absorption to skin is required. It has incredible ability of keep the skin hydrated.
  • Niacinamide - It is a form of Vitamin-B3. It helps to prevent skin-cancer. It is found in a number of food items and is taken as dietary supplement also.
  • Panthenol - It is made from Panthonic acid also known as Vitamin-B5. It aids in retaining moisture and reduce irritation to skin due to redness and rashes.


A hand cream is one of the most essential item of your vanity case. The same cream can help hands of both men and women to a large extent, i.e. keep hands soft, smooth and glowing. Fine functionality of individual creams varies with type of ingredients that it has and it is reflected in its price. You can use the above guide to select the cream best suited for your need and the price that you are ready to pay. So, go ahead and pick your product today to carry a soft and smooth hand.

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